Meeting Minutes

University of Hawaii at Manoa

American Library Association, Student Chapter

Executive Board and Committee Chairs Meeting

October 15, 2008

11:03 AM, LIS Conference Room



In Attendance: Karen Brown, Amanda Hahn, Jennifer Crowther, Kale Kingsbury, Dr. Wertheimer, Frans Albarillo, Marcy Bighill, Simi Singh



I. Approval of Minutes (Karen)

- Minutes from previous meeting (10.01.08) approved; no questions or comments at this time.



II. Officer Reports

            A. Vice-President’s Report (Amanda)

                        1. RIO Orientation

- Vice President attended RIO orientation and received confirmation that ALA-SC has been re-approved.


            B. Treasurer’s Report (Jennifer)

                        1. Mug Money

- President confirmed that money for recent purchase of fundraising mugs had been received by Treasurer.


            C. Secretary’s Report (Kale)

                        1. Faculty Meeting Update

                                    - Secretary attended Faculty Meeting held on 10.03.08; informed                                        faculty of plans for upcoming Halloween Social event, new issue                                        of Basement Blotter, and the Brownbag events with Dr. Jackson                                      and the Los Angeles County Libraries.



III. Committee Reports

            A. Fundraising Committee (Karen)

                        1. Mugs

- President stated she and Joyce will send out an e-mail reminding LIS students that the fundraising mugs are still on sale.


                        2. Joint T-Shirt Project

                                    - President stated that she would contact Hui Dui regarding a joint                                                 fundraising idea involving T-shirts.


            B. Professional Committee (Karen)

                        1. Event Planning

- In response to President’s call for ideas and contacts for a Professional Committee event on job seeking, Frans reported that he will contact some recent graduates; individuals recommended included Margot, Diane, and Todd.

- Frans also reported that he knows a contact with UH’s Human Resources Department.

- President and Frans stated they would take on the responsibility of sending out invitations, as well as an e-mail notification of the event when it draws closer.

- Dr. Wertheimer also recommended the CDSE office in the Student Services Center for assistance with a resume writing workshop, should that idea appeal to the Board.


            C. Service Committee (Karen)

                        1. Bishop Museum Treat Street

- An e-mail has been sent out requesting volunteers for the Treat Street event to be held at Bishop Museum on Halloween.

- It was reported that two students, Danielle and Simi, have already volunteered.


                        2. Additional Projects

                                    - President asked the Service Committee to come up with ideas for                                                 Service projects during the Spring semester.

                                    - Treasurer suggested possibility of a Friends of the Library event                                        for the Spring.


            D. Social Committee (Karen)

1.      Halloween Party - Supplies

- It was confirmed that the “Dia De Los Muertos” Halloween Party is still scheduled to go ahead as planned on Saturday, 11.01.08.

- President put out a call to Board for fans, in case the air-conditioning system in QLCSS is not on during the weekend; various members stated they would bring fans from home.

- Simi inquired as to what the budget is for a prize for the Costume Contest; President and Treasurer replied $10.00.

- Marcy confirmed she was still on top of decorations and in the process of acquiring items.

- President raised the issue of needing to order pizza for the party; Treasurer reported that a budget of $50.00 had been set aside for the purchase of pizza at last year’s event.

- President stated she would bring garbage bags.

- Simi asked about need for plates and utensils; President reported that ALA-SC had leftover supplies that could be used.


                        2. Halloween Party – Music

                                    - Simi suggested providing Latin music, in order to match the                                              theme of the party.

                                    - Kale informed Board of his plan to break music down into                                                themes for each hour: 6:00 to 7:00 – Latin, 7:00 to 8:00 – Eighties,                                      8:00 to 9:00 – Halloween (combination of Techno, Goth /                                                   Industrial, and Halloween Classics).

                                    - Board approved music ideas.


                        3. Halloween Party – Additional Items

- President asked Board’s input as to whether the party should be open just to students; Board responded that students and faculty would be welcome.

- President also reported that an e-mail notification about the party had been sent out to LIS students.


            E. ALA-SC Website (Karen)

- It was reported that the organization has not yet heard back from Caitlin regarding a website-related password; Dr. Wertheimer said he could provide it, and asked the Vice-President to send him an e-mail reminder.

- President reported that Pam is still responsible for updating the ALA-SC website, and that any suggested changes or edits should be sent to her.



IV. New Business (Karen)


A.    Dr. Miles Jackson Brownbag

- Marcy reported that she had passed out fliers about the event.

- President contacted Dr. Jackson, and he had indicated an interest in a lunch meeting after the brownbag; President reported she would send out an e-mail to see who would be interested in attending the lunch, and would also leave a sign-up sheet in Bilger.

- President reported that Director Okino, Dr. Jackson’s associate on the topic of the Brownbag, would be unable to attend.

- In response to an inquiry regarding the procuring of a lei, Simi stated she would pick on up; Treasurer clarified that there was a sum of $10.00 set aside for a lei.


            B. Los Angeles Library System Brownbag.

- Event is to be held on October 27th from 4:00PM to 4:45PM, in POST 302.

- President stated that she would get a lei for the guest speaker.

- Simi confirmed that she would still be willing to provide an introduction for the speaker.



            C. Next Meeting

- The next ALA-SC Executive Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 5th, at 11:00AM in POST 302.


            D. Receipts

                        - Treasurer informed committee chairs to save their receipts, as the                                      organization recently received a reimbursement of $100.00 from the                                    national ALA.





































Meeting adjourned at 11:33 AM

Minutes submitted by Kale Kingsbury, Secretary