Meeting Minutes

University of Hawaii at Manoa

American Library Association, Student Chapter

Executive Board and Committee Chairs Meeting

November 5, 2008

11:05 AM, LIS Conference Room



In Attendance: Karen Brown, Amanda Hahn, Jennifer Crowther, Kale Kingsbury, Dr. Wertheimer, Frans Albarillo, Simi Singh, Brett Bodemer, Shelley Shimoda



I. Approval of Minutes (Karen)

- Minutes from previous meeting (10.15.08) approved; no questions or comments at this time.



II. Officer Reports

            A. President’s Report (Karen)

                        - Nothing new to report at this time.


            B. Vice-President’s Report (Amanda)

                        - Nothing new to report at this time.


            C. Treasurer’s Report (Jennifer)

                        1. Reimbursements

- Treasurer reported that money is set aside for reimbursements for purchases made for recent events like the Halloween Party; notified Board members to submit receipts for reimbursements.


2. Graduation Dinner

            - Treasurer asked if ALA-SC is expected to give money to Hui Dui             to cover some of the cost for the Graduation Dinner; President and     Advisor responded in the affirmative.

            - Brett requested the sum of $50.00 to cover the cost of leis; Dr.      Wertheimer also mentioned the need to get leis for departing ALA-   SC members.

            - Brett also asked about awards for outgoing members, which          would have incurred additional costs; President responded that     there were no plans for awards.


            D. Secretary’s Report (Kale)

                        1. Faculty Meeting

                                    - Secretary will be attending the LIS Faculty Meeting on Friday,                                         November 7, as ALA-SC’s representative.



III. Committee Reports

            A. Professional Committee (Karen / Frans)

                        1. Conference Workshop

- President reported that she had spoken to Lori Ann Saeki and Amy Carlson about presenting at the planned Conference Workshop.

- Frans reported that he had contacted former Student-to-Staff members about participating.

- Annie Thomas was suggested as another potential participant; Vice-President volunteered to contact Ms. Thomas, to which President said she would provide VP with the necessary information to relay to her.


- After some discussion, the Conference Workshop is tentatively scheduled to take place sometime in the middle of February.


                        2. Human Resources Expose

                                    - Currently the Board is still in the process of contacting / looking                                       for professionals who would be interested in participating in this                                               sort of event.


                                    - If enough participants and volunteers are found, the Expose                                              would be scheduled to take place sometime during the end of                                             February.


                        3. Books Presentations / Panel On Librarianship

                                    - It was reported that Dr. Nahl had expressed an interest in talking                                      about her recently published book.

                                    - Board members began discussing the possibility of whether other                                      recent publishers would also be willing to discuss their books                                               and/or the publication process.

                                    - Dr. Wertheimer stated that he and Dr. Asato had presented a                                            paper at HLA, and would be willing to volunteer to present it.

                                    - There was a lengthy discussion on whether to do this as a single                                        event, or as multiple events featuring different authors; Frans                                              suggested having one event for Dr. Nahl, and mirror events later                                              on – Board approved this approach.

                                    - President said she would talk with SLA-ASIST regarding                                                             assistance or possibly making these events into a joint venture.


                                    - Regarding time, President recommended hour and a half sessions;                                    no argument from Board.

                                    - This event, or series of events, is tentatively scheduled to take                                           place during the Spring semester.


            B. Fundraising Committee (Karen)

                        1. Clarifications Regarding Proceeds

- Treasurer and President suggested it would be a good idea to make it clear where proceeds from ALA-SC fundraising events go; no dissension amongst Board Members.

- President stated such clarification would be included in future fliers and announcements regarding fundraising events.


Secretary’s Note: For the record, it was reported that proceeds currently go towards such things as funding other organization events, the Hui Dui Graduation Dinner, and the Vann Award.


2. Hui Dui Bookmark Sale

            - Brett notified Board that Hui Dui is planning to include an ad       about the sale of their new bookmarks in their next newsletter, and         asked if ALA-SC wanted to include a notice about the mugs with       it; President accepted offer.



            C. Service Committee (Karen / Jennifer)

                        1. Bishop Museum Treat Street Debrief

- Treasurer reported that there were three ALA-SC members present at the Treat Street Service Event: herself, Simi, and Danielle.

- Treasurer reported event as going well, and informed Board that Bishop Museum can use more help with this event and that it could become a yearly ALA-SC Service Project.


                        2. Friends Of The Library

                                    - Treasurer reported contacting the Friends of the Library; they are                                      grateful for assistance from ALA-SC, but need an estimated head                                       count of volunteers.

                                    - Treasurer stated she would check on dates to make sure there are                                      no conflicts with other events.

                                    - Dr. Wertheimer suggested combining a Social and Service event                                       and having them all on one day.


                                    - There was discussion regarding a tentative date for this event;                                           Treasurer inquired about late March or early April, specifically the                                       week after Spring Break.



            D. Social Committee (Karen)

1.      Halloween / El Dia De Los Muertos Party Debrief

- President reported Party as a success, stated roughly 25 people attended, and thanked all participating members of the Social Committee.


                        2. Spring BBQ Event

                                    - President suggested holding a Beach BBQ event during the                                              Spring semester, perhaps coupling it with the Friends of the                                                 Library Service event mentioned earlier.


                        3. Movie Museum

- President told Board about the “Movie Museum,” and raised the possibility of holding a social event there.

- President explained that the Museum screens any movie requested by an organization, but that we would need to ensure at least 20 people attend.

- Simi asked President for contact information for the Museum.


4. Ice Cream Social

            - Board Members inquired as to whether ALA-SC would be having            an Ice Cream Social for the Spring Semester.

            - After brief discussion, the event is currently scheduled to take      place during the week of January 19th.


5. End Of The Year Party?

            - A question was raised as to whether ALA-SC would be hosting    another End of the Year Party next semester.

            - After some discussion, it was decided that there would be no        plans for such an event at this time.

            - Secretary also reminded Board that he will be graduating at the    end of the semester, and so will not be around to provide music at       future organization events.



            E. ALA-SC Website (Karen)

- Nothing new to report at this time.



IV. New Business (Karen)


A.    November Symposium

- President and Advisor informed Board of an upcoming informal Question and Answer session with Library Directors Mullins and Wilson or Purdue and the University of Washington, respectively.

- The date of this session will be Tuesday, November 18th, from 3:00PM to 4:00PM.

- Dr. Wertheimer stated he would contact the guest speakers to confirm; President said she would send out an e-mail notification to the LIS students.


- President also notified Board that the Directors will also be speaking on the 19th of November.



            B. Salary Database

- Board was informed of the existence of a database listing salary data for professionals in the library field, available at

- Subscriptions prices are $50.00 for 30 days, or $150.00 annually for ALA member institutions.

- Board members were also told that the library has a print copy of the information.



            C. Student-To-Staff

- President reported that she had drafted an e-mail calling for applicants for the next Student-To-Staff position, and that she will be sending this out to LIS students.

- President reviewed criteria for the Student-to-Staff award: applicant must be a member of both ALA-SC and the national ALA, and applicants need to submit a 250 word max essay regarding their interest in attending the ALA conference.


            Secretary’s Note: Additional information regarding the Student-     To-Staff award can be found on the ALA-SC website.


- Treasurer asked when the applications should be submitted by; President responded December 10th.













Meeting adjourned at 11:55 AM

Minutes submitted by Kale Kingsbury, Secretary