Meeting Minutes

University of Hawaii at Manoa

American Library Association, Student Chapter

Executive Board and Committee Chairs Meeting

December 3, 2008

11:10 AM, LIS Conference Room



In Attendance: Karen Brown, Amanda Hahn, Jennifer Crowther, Kale Kingsbury, Frans Albarillo, Simi Singh, Brett Bodemer



I. Approval of Minutes (Karen)

- Minutes from previous meeting (11.05.08) approved; no questions or comments at this time.


II. Officer Reports

            A. President’s Report (Karen)

                        - Nothing new to report at this time.


            B. Vice-President’s Report (Amanda)

                        - Nothing new to report at this time.


            C. Treasurer’s Report (Jennifer)

                        1. Reimbursements

- Treasurer reported that she would be submitting a $100 reimbursement request to Don Wood later in the day.


            D. Secretary’s Report (Kale)

                        1. Faculty Meeting

- Without Faculty Advisor present, Secretary asked Board if they knew if there would be an LIS faculty meeting on Friday, December 5.

- Board members were uncertain, so Secretary stated he would contact Dr. Wertheimer to confirm.


III. Committee Reports

            A. Professional Committee (Karen / Frans)

                        1a. Conference Workshop

- Frans has contacted Margot Hanson (?)

- Vice President reported that she has Annie Thomas confirmed as a speaker.

- President reported that she has Lori Ann Saeki and Kris Anderson confirmed as speakers.


                        1b. Conference Workshop – Date and Time

- Treasurer examined calendar and schedule of classes for the Spring semester; Board decided on Wednesday, February 11, from 10:00AM to 11:30AM.

- President determined that four at roughly 15 minutes per speaker (plus time after for questions) would fit the time slot perfectly.

- President will speak as backup if necessary


                        1c. Conference Workshop – Planning

- Treasurer asked if the Workshop would be held in Bilger 319; President responded yes.

                                    - Frans volunteered to make fliers for the event.

- Simi inquired about contacting the speakers and confirming if the decided upon date and time works.


                        2. Human Resources Expose

- Frans reported that UH and Library Human Resources officers are requesting a specific date from ALA-SC.

- It was decided to schedule this event for Monday, March 2, from 1:00PM to 3:40PM; President estimated allowing 30 minutes per speaker and 15 minutes for questions.

- Frans reported that he had contacted the UH Human Resources Officer, who in turn had CC’d their library counterpart.

- Vice President recommended asking Gerald Lau to speak; some topics it was indicated he could cover include sites containing job lists and / or job resources, and establishing links to sites containing job listings.

- Frans also reported that he is considering contacting State Human Resources personnel

- In response to Frans’ query about the format and topics of the event, Board came up with the following list of potential issues to address:

·         Job Structures

·         Job Opportunities for People with MLIS Degrees

·         Assistant Part Time (APT) Positions

·         Application Processes

·         Politics in Local Workplaces and the Hiring Process

·         Length of Time From Job Posting to Actual Hiring

- Frans also suggested having someone speak about how students should market themselves in times of recession.

- Frans stated that he would ask for job search handouts from potential speakers.

- President informed Board that if the Human Resources Expose ends up being too large of a project, we might cancel the Conference Workshop.


B. Fundraising Committee (Karen)

                        1. Mugs

- It was reported that the organization still has fundraising mugs available for sale; an advertisement was sent out in anticipation of the Christmas season.


2. Spring Bake Sale

- Vice President raised a proposal that ALA-SC should consider holding a Bake Sale during the Spring Semester; response was positive.


            C. Service Committee (Karen / Jennifer)

                        1. Friends Of The Library Project

- Board is still planning on combining a Friends of the Library service event with an ALA-SC social event next semester.

- Combined event is tentatively scheduled for the week after Spring Break.



            D. Social Committee (Karen)

1.      Spring Ice Cream Social

- The ice cream social is scheduled for Tuesday, January 20, from 11:30AM to 1:30PM in QLCSS room 419.

- Vice President stated that she will be attending the New Student Orientation before the Spring semester starts, and offered to pass out fliers about the event to incoming students.

- President asked if it would be possible to have both pizza and ice cream for this event.

- In response to a question posed by the Board, Treasurer reported that the organization does have enough money to cover the cost of both pizza and ice cream.


                        2. Movie Museum

- The Board will return to the possibility of holding a Movie Museum social event when the spring semester starts.

- This event may become the one paired with the Friends of the Library service event.


            E. ALA-SC Website / Calendar (Karen)

- President reported that pictures on the website need updating, and that she will contact Shelley about it.


IV. New Business (Karen)


A.    Student-to-Staff

- President reported that an e-mail requesting submissions from interested students had been sent out.

- Submissions are due by December 10th.


            B. New Secretary Needed

- President notified Board that she will send out an e-mail requesting nominations from students interested in taking over the Secretary position.

- Nominations will be due by January 19th, and an election will be held immediately after.


Secretary’s Note – I reminded Karen that a new representative to the LIS Faculty meetings would also need to be found.


            C. Control of Course Offering Survey

- Frans informed Board of this annual survey designed for use by the Curriculum Development Committee and intended to gather information on what classes students want to see offered; he also reported that faculty are seeking assistance from the student organizations on this matter.

- Vice President inquired if such a project was in our scope as students.

- President commented that it would be difficult for the Board to come to a decision without the Faculty Advisor present.

- President ultimately decided that more structured discussion and input was needed before a decision could be made, and that ALA-SC will hold off further discussion on this issue until spring.

- Frans stated that he would report to the Curriculum Committee that ALA-SC is still considering the matter.

- Treasurer suggested the possibility of getting one representative from each student organization to assist with the project, rather than saddling one organization with the entire thing.



Meeting adjourned at 12:01 PM

Minutes submitted by Kale Kingsbury, Secretary