Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

1-2 p.m., POST 302 Conference Room


In attendance:  Karen Brown, Amanda Hahn, Marcella Bighill, MaryKate Durkee, Sean Thibadeaux, Ryan Lammers


             I.      New Members Welcomed:  Sean, MaryKate, Peter, Ryan


          II.      Approval of Minutes (Karen)

-          Minutes from previous meeting (12.03.08) approved; no questions or comments at this time.


       III.      Officer Reports


A.  President’s Report (Karen)

-          Nothing new to report at this time.


B.  Vice-President’s Report (Amanda)

-          Nothing new to report at this time.


C.  Treasurer’s Report (Jennifer)

-          Jennifer not in attendance; no report.


D.  Secretary’s Report

-          Secretary position vacant at this time.

-          Marcella taking minutes.


       IV.      Committee Reports


A.        Professional Committee

1.   Conference Workshop

-          Will be held Wednesday, February 4th, 10:00-11:00, POST 302

-          Three librarians will be presenting on conference participation.

2.   Human Resources Expose

-          It was decided to schedule this event for Monday, March 2, time TBA, POST 318B

-          Frans has done a lot of work setting up this event, but more help will be asked of fellow members as the date nears.

-          Speakers will present on various topics relating to finding library jobs.

-          The scope and audience of this event discussed.  It was decided that this event is directed at UH system LIS grad students.


B.        Fundraising Committee

-          With the LIS main classroom moved into POST 318B (a NO FOOD ALLOWED room), HUI DUI may not continue sell snacks as a fundraiser.

-          HUI DUI representatives have proposed a merger with ALA-SC fundraising events such as mug sales and the bake sale this semester.

-          (Karen) The benefit of “joining forces” with HUI DUI will probably be more participants for each event.

-          Bake sale (date TBA) this semester.

-          Note on bake sale (Amanda):  Since we are an RIO (registered independent organization), we would not be limited to the sale of baked goods inside the library.  We are allowed to set up a sale in open campus spaces, which would benefit sales/profits from greater visibility.


C.        Service Committee

-          A Friends of the Library event combined with a social event has been proposed. 

-          This combined event has not been planned yet.  It will be discussed more in the next meeting.

-          FOL was explained to new members as an organization that fundraises with book sales, annual golf tournaments, etc.  The funds often benefit our students in the form of scholarships.


D.        Social Committee

1.      Ice Cream Social, January 2009

-          5 new members gained at this event!

2.      BBQ

-          Afore mentioned event in combination with a Friends of the Library Service project (more in next meeting)

3.      End of Year Event (formerly known as LIS Prom)

-          Possibilities include movie museum, potluck, music/dancing party

-          This event could be fee-based, making more funds available for party supplies/venue/food.


E.            Website/Calendar

-          Pam has been in charge of updating this information.

-          Sean is possibly interested in taking on this job eventually.  He will be in contact with Pam.


          V.      Other Business/Announcements

A.  Student-to-Staff Announcement

-          ALA scholarship for annual conference attendance.  This scholarship is

in exchange for 16 hours service at the conference.

-          Jen Crowther won the award this year.  Congratulations!


B.  Quest for Secretary

-          We are open to nominations for secretary this semester.


C.  Quest for Faculty Representative

-          Faculty Rep goes to every faculty meeting (normally every month) to give a brief report.  The rep need not stay for entire faculty meeting, just the beginning.

-          Amanda Hahn volunteered for this position.