Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

12-1 p.m., POST 302 Conference Room


In attendance:  Karen Brown, Amanda Hahn, Marcella Bighill, Jennifer Crowther, Peter Kanehiro, Dr. Wertheimer, Rebecca Marrall, Brett Bodemer


             I.      Recap of minutes—Approval of last meeting’s minutes

-          Minutes from previous meeting (1.27.09) approved; no comments or questions at this time.


          II.      Officer Reports


A.  President’s Report (Karen)

Nothing new to report at this time.


B.  Vice-President’s Report (Amanda)

A note from Amanda, RIO rep:  As an RIO (Registered Independent Organization), we are eligible for event funding (campus-wide events and departmental events).

-          A proposal for each event for which we are requesting funds is due    March 4th (for Fall semester, 2009).

-          The proposal will be approved or denied at the hearing in March or April.


C.  Treasurer’s Report (Jennifer)

Jennifer not in attendance; no report.


D.  Secretary’s Report


       III.      Committee Reports


A.        Professional Committee


1.   Human Resources Expose Workshop

-          Will be held Monday, March 2nd, 1:30-3 pm in POST 318b

-          Sean volunteered to pick up the Leis for this event’s speakers.

-          Frans has been asked to emcee this event, but anyone can volunteer to announce the speakers (TBA).

-          Karen requested the Webteam videotape this event, possibly post on itunes-u.  Amanda volunteered to contact Alice Tran (previous cameraperson) to learn to use the equipment available.  Alternately, Dr. Wertheimer has a camera we could use.

-          Speakers at the event will include Ann Marcia Ishiki, Marya Zoller (HR representative, Hawaii State Public Library System), and a UHM HR representative.

B.        Fundraising Committee

It has been decided that mug sale and bake sale duties and proceeds will now be a joint effort of all the LIS student organizations (ALA-SC, SAA, SLA, and HUI DUI).

-          The mug spiel (selling points) will be drafted by Karen, and distributed to sales volunteers. The mugs will be sold in at least courses 605, 615, 663, 620, 601.

-          Sample mug will be on display in POST 318b.

-          Dr. Wertheimer: some turnover time is needed to access the mugs from storage, so let’s collect the order forms, then deliver later in semester.

-          Sales representatives will not collect money.  Money to be collected upon delivery of mugs later in semester.

-          Checks to be made out to ALA-SC

-          Jen (treasurer) will keep a tally of mug proceeds then divide funds between student groups evenly.


C.        Service Committee

-          A Friends of the Library event combined with a social event has been confirmed by Jennifer with the organization.

-          This combined event will feature a service project from 9am-noon on Saturday, April 4th at the FOL warehouse in Kaka‘ako.

-          This service project will involve helping the Friends set up for a book sale going on that day.

-          The social portion of the day will be a bbq at Magic Island (Social Committee will organize this portion of the event).

-          Karen attended the Friends of the Library meeting recently.  The Friends wanted us to know they are willing to help us too.  We should not be afraid to ask for their help with events.


D.        Social Committee

1.      BBQ

-          Afore mentioned event in combination with a Friends of the Library Service project will be organized by the committee (Marcy, Pam, Simi)

-          Karen has a portable bbq for use at this event.

-          Stash of party supplies (cups, naps, utensils, etc.) is being stored in the back BHSD office and Karen’s house.  Marcy can take care of these materials for event.

2.      End of Year Event (formerly known as LIS Prom)

-          Possibilities include movie museum, potluck, music/dancing party

-          This event could be fee-based, making more funds available for party supplies/venue/food.

-          Rebecca suggested karaoke party, but Marcy warns that some people may not be willing to participate in the event if they do not like karaoke.

-          Jennifer suggests the movie museum for a more universal appeal.

-          Dr. Wertheimer suggests a two-part event, with a dinner preceding a movie, so that more students will be willing to participate.

-          Social committee will figure these details out in the coming months, possibly surveying the students.


       IV.      Other Business/Announcements

A.  New Secretary Announced

-          Marcella “Marcy” Bighill was elected secretary for ALA-SC this semester.


B.  Sarah K. Vann Award

-          This award described by Karen: professional service award for librarians (anywhere in the state, not just the UHM campus).  Also, this award need not necessarily go to a librarian, but related specialists or educators.  More information on the award here:

-          The award is ~$300 from the Sarah K. Vann fund, $100 of which will go to the recipient.  A remainder of the leftover funding will go to the creation of an engraved plaque award for the recipient, along with dinner and lei.

-          Nominations for this award need to be made soon.  Karen to email this to the listserv.

-          Karen:   Is it possible to nominate a two-person team for this award?  Dr. Werthiemer:  Yes, we will accept a double nomination (award will be split equally between the recipients).


C.  Committee Chairs Brainstorm!

-          Each committee is charged with brainstorming 2 ideas for the upcoming academic year.

-          Karen to email this directive to committee chairs.