ALA-SC Meeting

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

1-2pm, POST 302 Conference Room


In attendance: Karen Brown (President), Jennifer Crowther (Treasurer), Marcella Bighill (Secretary), Dr. Wertheimer (Advisor), Peter Kanehiro, Sean Thibadeaux


I. Recap of minutes, Officers’ items

·         No changes are suggested for last meeting’s minutes.

A.    Treasurer

i. Requests money and order forms for all those selling mugs.

ii. Our account balance stands at $327 (after subtracting the $150 gift to HUI DUI for graduation dinner expenses).

II. Committees

A.  Professional

i. ALA-SC had two events this semester

ii. Karen: Amanda Hahn or Simi Singh will be asked to edit the video footage of the HR Workshop.

iii. Karen: Reminds all members that next meeting we are responsible for brainstorming and suggesting two ideas for events/fundraisers for next semester. 

B.  Fundraising

i. Mug sales continue while supplies last.  There are estimated to be about 40 mugs left.

ii. Treasurer will split the profits (between ALA-SC, HUI DUI, SAA-SC) at semester’s end.  Profits will be divided equally between ALA-SC and HUI DUI, but SAA-SC will get a smaller portion, as they are a smaller organization with less need for funding.

C.  Service

i. The Friends of the Library event will be this Saturday, April 4th.

a. 9-12:30 at their Kakaako warehouse

b. Seven members signed up to volunteer

c. Karen will send out directions to the warehouse

D.  Social

i. BBQ following the Friends of the Library event mentioned above.

a. Starts 1pm at Magic Island

b. Pam Scott and Simi Singh will set up the picnic and text message their location to those at the service project that day.

ii. End of year event

a. It was decided (with those in attendance) to hold the event Friday, May 8th.

b. The event will be a local happy hour event (about 4-7pm), location TBA (The Varsity Bar on University Ave at King Street is a contender)

c. Marcella to email Pam Scott and Simi Singh to finalize the details, make flyer.

E.  Website/Calendar

i. New Web Captain needed

Sean Thibadeaux will meet with Karen Brown and Pam Scott to discuss his takeover.

III. Other Business/Announcements

A.  Sarah K. Vann Award

i. Executive officers will review the nominations and choose a recipient or recipients today.

B.  Committee chairs and all members are reminded again to brainstorm two ideas for next year (events, fundraisers), to be announced at the next ALA-SC meeting.

C.  Elections for new officers

i. Karen Brown proposes an informational meeting about ALA-SC executive officer positions, committee chair responsibilities, etc.  The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 7th, from 3:30-4:30 at Yogurtland (located at University Ave at Wilder).  Those interested in running for officer positions are encouraged to attend this meeting.  Open positions for Fall semester will be President, Vice-president, and Treasurer.  All Committee Chair positions will need to be filled.