ALA-SC Minutes

2pm June 6th, 2009

POST 302

Present: Ryan Lammers, Peter Kanehiro, Dr. Wertheimer and Mary Kate Durkee; Secretary Marcy Bighill off island, minutes recorded by Mary Kate.

Meeting called to order at 1:45pm.

Began with a suggestion from Dr. Wertheimer that we have the freedom to accomplish whatever we  would like to plan with ALA so long as we can also get others  interested as well. He also gave suggestions based on previous years, citing the ALA-SC of the year award.

We picked up the mail from the box in the LIS program office; which consisted of an ALA Books-A-Million discount card(Mary Kate has) and a Bank Statement(Peter has).

Peter proposes that we create a budget to coincide with the events planned, the purpose being to set and meet financial goals.

Mary Kate gave Peter a copy of the most recent Financial Report (from 2006-07), asking that he keep a record of all financial transactions over the course of his tenure.

The balance as of May 31st is $329.18. Central Pacific Bank needs Jen to resign as signatory before Peter can take over.



~Suggestions were to tour the state library; if we plan for near lunchtime there are quality eateries nearby.

~The possibility of a job fair was discussed, but we decided the spring might be a better time for it.

~An internship fair was also discussed, but it would be easier to organize this once we are back in Hamilton in January.

~Dr. Wertheimer suggested two speakers who we might want to look into. Amy Nogami of Schofield Barracks, is an alumni and does the hiring. She could talk about how her work is different from that of a civilian librarian. Also Jan Zastrow, also an alumni. She could discuss alternative careers and entrepreneurial skills for librarians.



~The question was posed whether we should merge service with the social committee.

~HLA, NPR fundraising.  

~Friends of the Library Treat Street for Halloween, possibly to be combined with Halloween Bash a few days beforehand.



~ Marcy has suggested a Carwash, which can be organized as the semester begins, possibly by the Fundraising Committee. Carwash can possibly done in combined effort with other groups. Location needs to be determined, but financial investment (for soap and such) would be minimal.

~Discussed reducing the price of the remaining mugs so they would sell faster; but as the profit is not much to begin with and we only have a little over a dozen left the idea was declined.

~Also discussed the possibility of selling literacy cards again, as there is no upfront cost required.



~It was proposed that we have social events to coincide with service projects. In this way we hope to increase involvement and interest in the club’s activities.  It was also pointed out that informal social events might be a good place/time for people to express ideas for activities.

~It was suggested that we merge the social and membership committees.

~Dr. Wertheimer suggested that we invite alumni to social events, a benefit being that it is good for networking.

~Discussed the Ice Cream Social and Recruitment event. Was suggested that we make it a Pizza Social instead, as pizza is more likely to draw a crowd.   The date and time  for the social has been set as Wednesday September 2nd from 4-5pm in QLSCC 412, pending approval. The reason for the later time is due to 610 being Wednesdays at 5, and we are hoping to draw new students from that class.


As meeting adjourns, Mary Kate reminds the other new officers that we need to join ALA national, and handed out application forms.