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Karen Brown 2008 student-to-staff winner
Karen Brown, 2008

Margot Hanson 2007 student-to-staff winner
Margot Hanson, 2007

Anna Thomas 2006 student-to-staff winner
Anna Thomas, 2006

Erin Blade 2005 student-to-staff winner
Erin Blad, 2005

Diane Todd 2004 student-to-staff winner
Diane Todd, 2004

Karen Brown wins the 2008 Student-to-Staff Award!

ALA-SC is proud to present the 2008 Staff to Student Award to Karen Brown!!!

The award is presented annually by the American Library Association (ALA) and offers an opportunity for one student from our ALA-SC to attend the ALA Annual Conference. In exchange for working 4 hours per day at the conference, Karen received free conference registration, housing, and a per diem for meal expenses. While attending the conference, she wrote five pieces for Cognotes, the ALA newsletter.

Karen has made a significant contribution to ALA-SC. She has served as both the Chairperson of the fundraising committee and the Editor of The Basement Blotter, as well as operating as President during the 2008-2009 year. She has successfully handled the ALA-SC mug fundraiser, helping to garner funds for an end-of-year party at a Chinatown art gallery in May 2008. She has also published several editions of The Basement Blotter (available on the ALA-SC webpage at and continues to work to make ALA-SC an association by and for LIS students to better their futures.

Please join us in congratulating Karen and thanking her for her many contributions to our chapter!!

Student-to-Staff Program Information

Every year the American Library Association (ALA) offers a special opportunity for one student from each ALA-accredited LIS program to attend the ALA Annual Conference through its Student to Staff Program.

According to the ALA:
"To qualify, the student must be a current ALA member and a member of a student chapter, and cannot have previously participated in the program ... One student will be accepted per chapter. In exchange for working 4 hours per day at the conference, the student will receive free conference registration, housing, and a per diem for meal expenses. Transportation costs (such as airfare and cabs) are the student's responsibility."
Although each student is responsible for all travel expenses, the UHM LIS Program might be able to contribute something to assist with the student's travel costs (subject to available funds).

The student must be a current student in the UHM LIS Program, and be a personal member of both the national ALA organization and the ALA Student Chapter. Students who have already participated in the program are not eligible.

Students who are interested in participating in this program, who meet the qualifications (above), should e-mail the ALA-SC Advisor, (Andrew Wertheimer) by the deadline. Application deadlines will be announced on the LIS-STU email listserv.

If there is only one applicant, s/he will be selected as Hawaii's representative. If, however, there is more than one applicant, each candidate will be requested to write a brief paragraph statement (100-200 words) on how s/he:
  1. has contributed to the ALA-SC; and,
  2. plans to help the ALA-SC by attending the annual conference
Unfortunatley, ALA can only offer one of these awards to a single UH student each year, but everyone is encouraged to enter.

For further information regarding this opportunity, please direct all inquires to Dr. Andrew Wertheimer, who notes:
"If not this year, then I encourage you to become active in ALA-SC and think about future years. I went through this program when I was an MLS student at Indiana University. I made some great connections there, and had a great time too."
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