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Vann Professional Service Award - 2005

Lynn Davis wins 2005 Vann Professional Service Award

The ALA-SC Executive Board was pleased to award the Dr. Sarah K. Vann Professional Service Award at the Hui Dui Graduation Dinner on May 7, 2005 at the Ka 'Ikena dining room at Kapi'olani Community College. The award is named after UHM LIS Emeritus Professor Sarah Vann who is an international leader in intellectual freedom and comparative librarianship. 

The following is an excerpt from the letter sent to Ms. Davis informing her that she had been selected as this year's recipient of the 2005 Vann Professional Service Award.
Dear Lynn:

We want to express our personal appreciation for your service to our Library and Information Science Program at UH Manoa. Your two courses, Preservation Management and Conservation of Library Materials, are useful and relevant, based on real-life principles, and pass important knowledge to LIS students who will be soon be working in libraries. This is an essential contribution to the library community. We are also grateful that you helped revive our archives track with your team-taught class. One of your former students is now an archivist at the Hoover Institution Archives. Others are working throughout Hawaii.

We would like to give you a special mahalo for being a grounded leader in the aftermath of the Hamilton Flood of 2004. Your quick thinking and preparation helped save thousands of documents from destruction. It is scary to think of the permanent damage that could have spread to other parts of our precious research collection had you not been such an active agent for preservation and conservation. Your great sense of humor (including those hats), calm patience, and resourceful knowledge base continue to provide direction and encouragement in the on-going disaster-recovery phase.

We also thank you for providing ongoing service to the library community, not only for your work at Hamilton Library, but also serving as a vital resource to the local community in Hawaii and beyond. We have heard from colleagues in archives and museums that you are spreading a new spirit of cooperation, encouraging us to join forces to preserve the rich cultural heritage of Hawaii.

Finally, the ALA-SC would like to express our thanks for your contribution as a role model in our community. We are truly grateful for the chance to work and study with you, for you have shown us through your personal philosophy how one becomes a Super Librarian.
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