To the Other Shore: Lalla's Life and Poetry is the first feminist analysis of the verses of the fourteenth-century poet Lalleshwari. Odin's work is located at the juncture of a number of different disciplines: literary analysis, feminist theory, and Kashmir Shaivite philosophy. Odin shows how Lalla's life and her work were shaped by the historical context as well as the contradictory position she occupied with respect to the Kashmiri Shaivite tradition.

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Jaishree Odin's work makes a very significant contribution ...forging a new path for further study and teaching of Lalleshwari's poetry in India and abroad. Odin's translations are absolutely superb. Her philosophical and feminist readings are brilliant, highly original and break fresh ground in Lalleshwari scholarship. Odin makes a solid contribution to global feminist scholarship on early women poets.

--Lalita Pandit, University of Wisconsin

Lalla is to Kashmir what Hildegard of Bingen is to Germany and Julian of Norwich is to England.... Odin's work is a long overdue, balanced reappraisal of one of the finest mystic poets of India, offering the most extensive collection of authentic Lalla verses available today. It holds appeal not only for historians of religion but also students of Yoga everywhere.

--Georg Feuerstein, Author of the The Yoga Tradition and the Shambhala Encyclopedia of Yoga

Odin's work is a very original and important reassessment of Lalla, the fourteenth century poet from Kashmir. It is valuable for its sophisticated analysis of the Kashmiri Shaivite tradition as well as for a sensitive translation of Lalla's verses.

--Elmar Schenkel, University of Leipzig, Germany