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Role, Status and Authority

A. The status of the IACUC is to be the definitive source of information regarding the humane and ethical use of animals at the University, to be referred to by the Administration, Principal Investigators, and Instructors for judgments regarding humane use.

B. The role of the IACUC is to assist the University and its agents, Principal Investigators and Instructors, to comply with laws, regulations, and standards of good practice via review of written Protocols.

C. The authority of the IACUC is to approve, require revisions, or disapprove Protocols. Without an approved protocol on file, a PI may not begin work with animals. All IACUC disapprovals are final and may not be reversed by the Administration. The Administration may, however, suspend or deny protocols which have been approved by the IACUC.

D. The IACUC acts as an advisory body to the LAS and OHP.

E. The IACUC grants variances from the regulations in either of two circumstances:

Substitutions are permitted from the regulations in either of two circumstances:

  • Substitutions are permitted which accomplish the aims of the guide or regulation in a better way, in the professional judgment of the IACUC and supported by scientific justification.

  • Substitutions are permitted if the objectives of the study cannot be met following generally recognized practices, provided that the IACUC is persuaded that the Principal Investigator has designed the research in the most humane way possible consistent with achieving the scientific objectives

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