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Policy 5.0 Ad HOC Membership and Non-member Resources


Federal law allows the University to recruit and appoint supplemental committee members to the committee to evaluate specific aspects of proposals submitted to the IACUC. (Source — OLAW Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee Guidebook).


A. Project Proposals and Animal Use Protocols

  • The IACUC may invite consultants to assist in the review of complex issues arising out of its review of proposed activities. Consultants may not approve or withhold approval of an activity, and may not vote with the IACUC unless they are also members of the IACUC (Sources — Animal Welfare Act 9 CFR 2.31(3); Public Health Service Policy IV.C.3.)
  • Nonmember consultants, experts, and advisors may be sought to assist the committee in complex issues that require additional information and different points of reference which the regular voting membership and ad hoc members cannot provide. Example: Peer review on controversial research topics regarding the evaluation of the science, experimental procedures, and ethics.
  • The Designated Institutional Official (DIO) shall review on a case by case basis, the IACUC’s justification for nonmember resources. The DIO shall provide written approval if the need is warranted. Letters of nonmember solicitation shall originate from the office of the DIO.

B. Facility Inspections and Program Evaluations

  • The IACUC may invite consultants to assist in conducting evaluations; however, the IACUC remains responsible for the evaluations and reports as required by the Act and regulations (Source — Animal Welfare Act 9 CFR 2.31(3)).


Ad hoc members shall be appointed through the Office of the Chancellor by the program’s DIO.

Ad hoc members have standing appointments with the committee and will be called to assist in matters when the regular voting membership requires additional information. Ad hoc members may vote only on the specific issues for which they were consulted. University offices that hold ad hoc membership on the committee are: UH Biosafety Office, UH Radiation Safety Office, UH Chemical Safety Office, Hamilton Library Science and References Technology, and some UH faculty members.

Note: UH faculty members that are ad hoc members to the committee were previously regular voting members, and thus are familiar with the responsibilities and functions of the IACUC and are retained because of their expertise or familiarity with a given issue.

IACUC Approved 06/97

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