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Policy 3.0 Animal Euthanasia & Disposition


Disposition of animals at the end of experimentation or teaching/instruction activities are by euthanasia or adoption (Section IX. Of animal use protocol form). Refer to IACUC Policy 2.0 on adoption policy.


  • The University strictly prohibits human consumption of animals that have been used for experiments and treated with any known hazardous chemical agent, and/or euthanized with any known hazardous chemical agent. The chemical agents are not limited to these that are listed. Some examples are radioisotopes, biological hazard/pathogens, antibiotics or drugs, recombinant DNA or other agents.
  • University animals and their products (e.g. milk, eggs, etc.) that are used for production application (e.g. agriculture and aquaculture) may be consumed if they do not fall into section 3.2.a. and are distributed under normal commercial marketing practices. These animals are sometimes treated or fed some food/feed additives that are considered safe for human consumption provided that the administration of the additives follow the manufacturers directions, and whenever applicable, compliance with withdrawal periods are strictly practiced.
  • Otherwise, euthanized animals and tissues will be stored in formalin or refrigerated/frozen for future study or,
  • Euthanized animals and tissues will be frozen in designated freezers then incinerated.


  • The method of euthanasia chosen must be approved by the IACUC and University veterinarian’s office and preferably referenced in the 2007 AVMA Guidelines on Euthanasia.
  • If the method of euthanasia chosen by the investigator is not referenced in the 2007 Report, the investigator is required to provide scientific justification, and if available, references for the proposed method. The IACUC in consultation with the University veterinarian’s office reserves the right to make the final decision if the proposed method of euthanasia is acceptable.
  • All personnel that will euthanize animals are required to be certified as proficient in the proposed method of euthanasia by the University veterinarian’s office prior to applying the method in their research or teaching/instruction activities.
IACUC Approved 04/97

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