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Policy 16.0 Personnel Additions to Animal Use Activities

16.1.0.  Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to provide a mechanism by which personnel may be authorized to engage in vertebrate animal use activities under current approved protocols.  Under this policy, the addition of new personnel is considered a minor protocol revision not requiring full committee review.

16.2.0.  Application
  • This policy applies to only research and teaching/training support staff and scientists, visiting scientists, and students. 
  • This policy does not apply to changes to the Principal Investigator (PI) designation.  Federal guidelines and policy define a change made to the PI designation is a significant modification to a study and therefore requires a new full protocol application. 

16.3.0.  Requirements of Principle Investigators and Added Personnel

  • The PI is required to complete a standard protocol Revision identifying the individual(s) who will engage in animal use activities. 
  • The PI is required to describe how and who will train the personnel within the scope of the approved protocol. (OR)  Personnel who are not proficient in the procedures used in the animal use activity must be closely supervised while training in the procedures which require animal handling and/or manipulation. 

16.4.0  Submission of Request and Review

  • The PI is required to provide one (1) signed original and four (4) copies of the protocol Revision to the Animal Welfare Regulatory Compliance Office.
  • Requests to add personnel by this mechanism can be done at any time and will normally take 2-3 business days processing time unless additional information is required.

16.5.0  Notification

The committee, on its behalf, authorizes the Chair, Vice-Chair or designee to review, and if all necessary criteria are met, to approve the request.  The PI will be informed of the decision of whether personnel are qualified to engage in the animal use activities described in the protocol Revision. 


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