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Effective 01 November 2008, please contact Ms. Denise Yee for instructions and questions regarding logging onto the TOPAZ system. Ms. Yee is also the contact person for instructions and questions regarding the use of the vertebrate animal use protocol forms. Ms. Yee can be reached at (808) 956-4552 or email at deniseye@hawaii.edu.

Topaz Web Protocols

Requesting access to Topaz
For access to TOPAZ please submit the completed TOPAZ User Log-in Account Request form. For additional questions regarding access please contact Denise Yee at 956-4552 or deniseye@hawaii.edu.

Topaz Log-in
Please log into Topaz via the following link http://las01.its.hawaii.edu/TOPAZEnterprise.

Adding Personel
Staff members need to be added to the Topaz system before they can be selected and added to your online protocol form. To add staff currently not in the TOPAZ system please contact the Compliance Office at 956-4552 or 956-4446.

Attaching Documents to your protocol
All supporting documents to your protocol must be scanned and attached electronically to your protocol online via the Topaz web protocol form. For more information on attaching supporting documents, please see the Detailed instructions on attaching documents in Topaz.

How to Add Links and Attach Files/Support Documents
Each Section has an Add Link button on the right side of the title bar, in the Protocols panel. Clicking this button opens an Add Links panel to the right. In this panel you can choose either Add Links or Add Files. The add links option will allow you to place links to any available URL, including files stored in a "web share" location. The add files option will load a selected file into the database and display a link to that file. File size and web share access may be an issue.

Copying answers from another protocol
The Protocol Request toolbar includes a button labeled Copy Answers from Another Protocol. This allows you to shorten the request entry process by using previous answers from another protocol. When you click this button, you will be able to select another protocol, and any answers from questions that the two protocols have in common will be copied over. The important feature to note about this process is that the source protocol and the current working request do not have to be based on the same form. The source protocol may be based on an older version of the form, or be for a different type of protocol that has a special form of its own. The system will look for common questions between the two and copy over the answers.

Submitting Full Renewals

  1. To submit a full renewal, create an original request (paper with a green plus icon). This form is used for new protocols and full three year renewals. (Do not use the Renew a Protocol function (blue arrow in a circle icon).

  2. To expedite completing the original request form refer to Copying answers from another protocol

  3. Check the protocol category as a full renewal. Check "Yes" for question III. 3 and provide a brief progress report for question III.4.


For more information Contact the University of Hawaii Compliance Officer:

University of Hawaii
2538 McCarthy Mall
Snyder Hall 410
Honolulu, HI 96822
Phone: (808) 956-4552, (808) 956-4446
Fax: (808) 956-5785
Mr. Norman Magno at nmagno@hawaii.edu
Ms. Denise Yee at deniseye@hawaii.edu

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