Mail Scanner

UH Information Technology Services (ITS) has long assisted the UH community with protecting personal computers from computer viruses. ITS installed an antivirus scanner on the UH email server ( This provides the University with another layer of defense against computer viruses. The success of the additional protection has saved the UH community hundreds of hours of cleanup and loss of critical data files in the first year alone. The antivirus scanner continues to provide a first line of defense against computer viruses* and minimizes the effects of computer viruses or worms that use email as a method of infecting other computers.

* This protection is only if you use your UH Email Account (

The graph below depicts the total number of viruses caught by the antivirus scanner since the first quarter of 2001.

UH email scanner chartlegend for chart. 2001 purple 2002 green 2003 blue 2004 orange 2005 brown 2006 aqua 2007 gold 2008 red

Note: This graph will be updated by the 10th of every month.