Business and Finance


APM Number Description Issue Date
A8.701 Receipting and Depositing of Funds Received by the University April 2006
A8.702 Establishment of Electronic Funds Transfer Agreements & Receipt of Funds Apr 2006
A8.710 Credit Card Program April 2005
A8.711 Electronic Payments via University Websites September 2009
A8.730 Release of Student Transcripts with Delinquent Financial Obligations June 2006
A8.731 Delinquent Financial Obligations(Revised) August 2004
A8.740 Dishonored Checks July 2007
A8.750 Establishment of Change Funds May 2006
A8.751 Cash Count of Change Fund May 2006
A8.760 IRS Compliance for Reporting Cash Payments Over $10,000 August 2010
A8.770 Student Refunds November 2011

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