A9.000 General

APM Number Description Issue Date
A9.005 University Executive Designations February, 1997
A9.010 Reporting of Changes and Corrections of Employee's Personal Records October, 1986
A9.025 Fair Information Practice (Confidentiality of Personal Records) October, 1988
A9.030 (Revised) State and Federal Posting Requirements March, 2011
A9.035 Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) May, 1986
A9.041 Utilization of Volunteer Services of the University of Hawaii September 1999
A9.042 Academic, Incentive, Service Recognition and Retirement Awards  
A9.060 1977 Edition of the Faculty Hanbook for Manoa and Hilo Campuses (Including Major Policies Affecting Faculty Relations in the Community Colleges and the University as a Whole) University of Hawaii, 1973 Interim Revision July, 1982
A9.070 Executive/Managerial Personnel Policies July, 1982
A9.075 Personnel Records September 2009
A9.080 Collective Bargaining Agreements Covering Civil Service Employees October, 1996
A9.090 State of Hawaii Personnel Rules, Title 14, Administrative Rules, Department of Personnel Services, Subtitle 1 September, 1996
A9.091 HRS Chapter 89C, Adjustments for Civil Service Employees Excluded from Collective Bargaining September, 1996

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