System Overview

The Administrative Procedures Information System was designed to aid in the distribution and retrieval of information in the administrative procedures and policies manuals for the University of Hawaii. Available at this time are the UH Systemwide Administrative Procedures, Board of Regents Policies, the UH Systemwide Executive Policies, and the University of Hawaii Emergency Management Plan.

Future documents that are planned for this section include the State of Hawaii Administrative Directives. The files in this section have been optimized for viewing using the Adobe Acrobat Reader via a PC or Mac directly connected to the campus network. Most of the files are in Adobe's "PDF" format which requires the use of the Acrobat Reader.

Hardcopy printouts of the procedures, policies, and rules will no longer be provided to the departments. If you wish to have a paper version, you may print out your own copy of a procedure from within the Acrobat Reader by choosing the Print command from the application's menu. The item will be printed to your local or network printer.

Departments who wish to make corrections or additions to
any of the procedures are requested to read and follow the
APIS Modification and Maintenance Procedures.

Below are distribution lists for policies, procedures, and so forth, which we hope to soon convert to electronic distribution (i.e., e-mail). These are PDF files.

Specific questions about a document should be directed to the department responsible for issuing the procedure. Any technical questions or problems regarding the system can be emailed to

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