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Volume 16, Issue 2

Volume 16, Issue 2 Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note – Volume 16, Issue 2


Wang Linzhu, The Identification of Minorities in China

Jordan Kealaikalani Inafuku, E Kūkulu ke Ea: Hawaiʻi’s Duty to Fund Kahoʻolawe’s Restoration Following the Navy’s Incomplete Cleanup

Williamson Chang, Darkness over Hawaii: The Annexation Myth Is the Greatest Obstacle to Progress

Special Issue (Coming Soon): Legal Impact of the Fukushima Disaster

Eric A. Feldman, Compensating the Victims of Japan’s Fukushima Disaster: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Takao Suami, Legal Support to Fukushima Municipalities: Law School, Lawyers, and Nuclear Disaster Victims

Kenji Fukuda, Need of Rights‐Based Approach in Government Support for the Victims of Fukushima Nuclear Accident

Yoshitaka Wada, Rethinking the Meaning of Damage and Disaster: Incommensurability and Power in Disputing Process

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