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Volume 15, Issue 2

Volume 15, Issue 2 Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note – Volume 15, Issue 2


Eric Yamamoto, Miyoko Pettit, and Sara Lee, UNFINISHED BUSINESS: A Joint South Korea and United States Jeju 4.3 Tragedy Task Force to Further Implement Recommendations and Foster Comprehensive and Enduring Social Healing Through Justice

Sale Kwon, Facts That Shed Light on Intent of Single-Firm Refusals to Deal: Comparative Review of the United States and the Republic of Korea Jurisprudence

Earl V. Brown, Jr. & Kyle deCant, Exploiting Chinese Interns As Unprotected Industrial Labor

Koji Miyakawa (Translation by Mark A. Levin & Megumi Honami Lachapelle), Inside the Supreme Court of Japan—From the Perspective of a Former Justice

Comment: Daylin-Rose Gibson, Remembering the “Big Five”: Hawaiʻi’s Constitutional Obligation to Regulate the Genetic Engineering Industry

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