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Volume 16, Issue 1

Volume 16, Issue 1 Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note – Volume 16, Issue 2


Rebecca Wolozin, Citizenship Issues and Issuing Citizenship: A Case Study of Sri Lanka’s Citizenship Laws in a Global Context

Larry Catá Backer, Crafting a Theory of Socialist Democracy For China in the 21st Century: Considering Hu Angang’s (胡鞍钢) Theory of Collective Presidency in the Context of the Emerging Chinese Constitutional State

Megumi Honami, How Successful is Japan’s Labor Tribunal System?: The Labor Tribunal’s Limited Scope and Effectiveness

Jeffrey K. L. Lee, Mediation in Mainland China and Hong Kong: Can They Learn from Each Other?

Yuki Arai, Is Japan Ready to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage?

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