Lightning Talks: 2017


Autonomous Ocean Sensing

Autonomous Docking with Satellites

Autonomous Surface Vehicles

Big Data for Environmental Research

Counter UAS technologies

Data Visualizations

Hawaii Space Flight Lab

Hawaii Undersea Research Lab

Herbicide Ballistics Technology for UAS

Image Processing

Innovation Lab Update

Intelligent Decisions

IoT Cybersecurity

Low Cost Marine Sensors

Mapping SGD with UAS

Palekana Aloha

Rapid Environment Picture

UAS Requirements

Underwater Sensor for IED Detection

Wave Energy Test Site

Lightning Talks: 2016


Deep Tow Sonar

Deep Sea Mapping

Geothermal and Groundwater


Hawaii Space Flight Laboratory

Hawaii Corrosion Laboratory


Long-wave infrared imaging spectroscopy

Mirrors and Telescopes



ONR Global Recruitment Brief

RIP Laboratory

Remote Raman Capabilities



UH ARL overview

Underwater Raman Sensor

Underwater, Physical and Engineering Acoustics

Wave Energy Test Site

Lightning Talks: 2015

Achieving Extreme Optical Resolution

Acoustic Monitoring of Marine Mammals on Navy Ranges

Analysis of Acoustics Recordings Collected at Pu`uloa Underwater Detonation Range

Energetic Materials

Hawaii Corrosion Laboratory

Hawaii Natural Energy Institute

Hawaii Space Flight Laboratory

Imaging through turbulent media

Maui High Performance Computing Center

Observing the ocean gliders and abyssal cabled observatories

Raman and Fluorescent Imaging

Raman Spectroscopy for Detecting Home-Made Explosives (HMEs) and High-Explosives (HEs)

Research Applications of Advanced Rebreather Technology

Sensors and cameras

UH ARL Overview

Undersea Mapping

Underwater and Physical Acoustics for the 21st Century