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University of Hawai’i Army ROTC Fallen Warrior Memorial Artist Rendition


Since 2010, the University of Hawaii-Manoa Army ROTC program has had an initiative to regain it’s cultural roots by rediscovering it’s rich history and focusing on it’s Polynesian Heritage. One aspect of the initiative is a life-size carving of a traditional Polynesian Warrior by Master Carver Tuione Pulotu being donated to the Army ROTC Department in honor of the University of Hawai’i Army ROTC Cadets who gave their lives for their country in past wars. Famed Tongan artist Tuione Pulotu is one of the original carvers of the Polynesian Culture Center. Recognized as a “Living Treasure” for mastery of the traditional Polynesian techniques, he has a relationship with the ROTC program and is expected to complete the donated sculpture within the next few months. The Warrior carving is made from donated Monkey Pod wood

In order to properly display the life-size carving, the Warrior Cadet Battalion has created an informal artist rendition and initial sketches on how it might be displayed. The Cadet Battalion has established a UH Foundation account to pay for this part of the project. Once the estimate of cost is reached (between $20,000-$30,000), the account will transition into a Scholarship Endowment. This is expected soon as the Cadets have raised over $19,000 so far. Most of the estimated cost will be for supplies as various organizations plan to dedicate their labor services for free. The ROTC Department hopes to dedicate the Memorial by Spring Commencement.

The Fallen Warrior Memorial will be displayed in a professionally landscaped area that can be used by all UH students and faculty who transition in the areas around the ROTC buildings, ESL Center, and Les Murakami Baseball Stadium. Landscaping will include:

  • Shrubbery, Plumeria Trees and fresh sod lawn
  • Watering System paid for by the Army ROTC Dept.
  • Benches, walkway, and lights where applicable, to make the area feel like a small park
  • Commemorative plaque designating the Memorial
  • Pest Control and maintenance by the Army ROTC Dept.
  • Barriers to protect Memorial from errant drivers

Official Cost Estimate for supplies (between $20,000-$30,000) should be determined in the near future. An updated artist rendition of the final design should be available for review as well.

The Warrior Cadet Battalion has not solicited for bids on this project since the bulk of the project has been procured through small business donations and because the Department is trying to transition as much of the raised dollar donations to the Scholarship Endowment Fund.

Points of Contact for the UH Army ROTC Warrior Memorial are:

  • LTC Kevin McKay, Professor of Military Science,
  • Cadet Robert Wojcik,
  • COL(Ret) Ed Gayagas, President UH Army ROTC Alumni Association,

Maintenance Plan:

The UH Army ROTC Department recognizes that this project will require a maintenance plan in order to sustain the Fallen Warrior Memorial.

Guided by the UH Manoa Campus’ Adopt-A-Landscape program, the UH Army ROTC Dept. has identified the following concerns in regards to the proposed maintenance plan:

  • Weeding
  • Watering
  • Trimming
  • Pruning
  • Green waste disposal
  • Replacement plants and landscape materials

The UH Army ROTC Dept. will provide all funding and labor for the upkeep of the memorial. This will include the weeding of the area, funding for the irrigation, trimming and pruning of the trees and shrubs, the procurement of any replacement plants as needed, and the collection of green waste disposal.

The UH Army ROTC Dept. will coordinate with Grounds Manager Roxanne Adams if any assistance is needed later with soil preparation, mulch, and the disposal of green waste for conservation purposes.

Master Carver Pulotu has proposed a plan to help with the maintenance of the memorial as well. This includes pest control, with specific regards to the preventative treatment of termites. The wood will be treated professionally by a company, and this will be financially covered by the UH Army ROTC Dept.

In regards to preserving the integrity of the wooden memorial, a finishing spa varnish will be used. The entire body of the memorial will be sealed by this material, and this shall serve as the primary protection against wear from the elements.

In order to mitigate risks of sun damage, The UH Army ROTC Dept. would like to purchase and emplace a mature Plumeria tree into the memorial site.

Master Carver Pulotu has also agreed that he will help promote the sustainability of the sculpture by conducting biannual inspections, and he will also perform refinishing updates as needed.

University of Hawai’i Army ROTC Fallen Warrior Memorial Artist Rendition

Projected completion: Spring 2013

memorial sketch

UH ROTC Fallen Memorial Proposed Lay-out

memorial location