Square - Two Views

March 1 – April 10, 2015
University of Hawai‘i Art Gallery

Sunday, March 1
3-5 pm, Reception
University of Hawai’i Art Gallery

Phil Jung investigates the direct and indirect effects of O‘ahu’s changing population on its limited resources. While photographing the island’s diverse social landscape, he explores the ways that cultural identity, wealth distribution, social mobility and gentrification factor into its current demographics. These photos act as a loose narrative of contemporary culture in Hawai‘i and its ever-changing population.

Joseph Maida presents New Natives, a group of portraits of aspiring male models of mixed ethnicity and race from Hawai‘i. The subjects were scouted from New York through social media and photographed in their local terrain around the metropolis of Honolulu. Drawing from Hawaii’s royal history as well as its Eastern and Western influences, this series introduces visions of masculinity, identity, and sexuality that upend conventional hegemony on multiple registers.