Alloys of Thought
May 29 – June 24, 2016
Commons Gallery

Alloys of Thought features mixed media works created by students in advanced sculpture, ART400-002, taught by Gaye Chan and Fred Roster. The artists used metal, ceramics, wood, glass, plastic, and even sound in their pieces.

Baixin Chen
Caryn Corpuz-Yotsuda
Terence Doll
Nani Enslen
Allyn Goo
Janis Lee
Erin Marquez
Mari Matsuda
Sean Ross
Kamran Samimi
Scarlett Shankles
Sandra M. Tacadena

To create something, one sometimes start with an idea. Other times, however, the objects emerge of their own volition. The artworks in this exhibition are some of each.

Work by Erin Marquez.

By appointment or exterior viewing / M-F 10 am – 4 pm; Sun. 12 – 4 pm;
Closed Sat.
Admission to exhibition is free. Parking fees may apply.