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The Laminated Print: Origins + Process of Chine Collé is a collaborative project that brings together contemporary printmakers, conservators, and art historians to inspire visual thinking about the process of chine collé and draw relationships to paper traditions from China and Japan.

Chine collé, also called papier collé or chine appliqué, refers to the process in which a thin sheet of paper is simultaneously printed upon and mounted onto a thicker backing sheet. The process is used in various ways today including in lithography and intaglio printing. Chine collé brings out a range of visual possibilities in the conjunction of ink and paper, including richer tones, finer details, smoother textures, and an elegant style. The delicate techniques of chine collé originated from China and Japan where traditions of papermaking and mounting traditions have existed for hundreds of years. Chinese and Japanese mounting and conservation techniques require highly refined skills and are considered an art onto itself.

The exhibition includes prints by Charles Cohan, Duncan Dempster, Deborah Nehmad, and Yoshimi Teh, and a selection of Chinese and Japanese scrolls and screens from the collection of the John Young Museum of Art. The scrolls and screens were selected and researched by Gary Liu, art historian and specialist in Chinese art, and Hiroko Sakurai, East Asian painting and paper conservator. Conservation workshops by Hiroko Sakurai and demos by chine collé printmakers will be held in conjunction with this exhibition.

This exhibition and related programming is sponsored and supported by the
Department of Art + Art History, John Young Museum of Art, Student Activity and Program Fee Board, Honolulu Printmakers, and Hawai’i Museum Association.

Gallery Hours / Mon. – Fri. 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. or by appointment
Closed: Sat. & Sun.; Labor Day, Sept. 5; Election Day, Nov. 8; Veterans Day, Nov. 11; Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 24; Non-instructional day, Nov. 25.
Admission to the exhibition is free. Donations are appreciated. Parking fees may apply.

Image info:
Images (details, left to right): Duncan Dempster, Formats VI, 2014; Charles Cohan, Tool #1, 2014; Courtesy of the artists.