ART 202 Introduction to Digital Imaging (3) Combined theory and practice course examining major techniques, concepts and aesthetics in contemporary digital image production. Direct studio experience in essential software, printing techniques and hardware necessary in producing the gallery quality inkjet print. A-F only DA Pre: 113 or consent. (Fall/Spring/Sometimes Summer)

ART 304 Intermediate Digital Imaging (3) Combined theory and practice course emphasizing specialization in fine inkjet printing techniques and portfolio production. Emphasis will be placed on conceptual development, black and white printing, panoramic images, HDR Imaging and web-based portfolios. A-F only Pre: Two of art studio courses and either 202 or 365 or consent. DA (Fall/Spring)

ART 360 Exhibit Design and Gallery Management (3) Design theory and techniques for presentation of artworks and mounting exhibitions. Pre: 115, junior standing, and consent. DA (Fall/Spring)

ART 399 Directed Work (V) Individual projects; tutorial. Maximum: 3 credit hours per semester; total 3 for BA, 6 for BFA. Pre: two 200-level or above art courses in area of directed work, as well as consent of instructor and department associate chair.

ART 400 Special Projects (V) Intensive and specialized work at advanced level in fields of special interest of visiting or resident faculty. Repeatable three times. Pre: advanced standing and consent.

ART 404 Advanced Digital Imaging (3) Combined theory and practice course examining advanced techniques and concepts in contemporary fine art digital image production. Emphasis on advanced exploration of interdisciplinary alternative output techniques in digital printmaking. Advanced conceptual portfolio development. A-F only Pre: 304 or consent. DA (Fall)

ART 405 Professional Practice in the Arts: Creative, Career, and Leadership (3) Examination of the role of the artist in society, the artist as self, as community member, as teacher. Professional Practice skills in the arts; planning, grantsmanship, fundraising, budgeting, marketing, outreach, and media relations, ART majors only. Senior standing or graduate students only. A-F only.

ART 409 Graduation Portfolio (0) Required graduation portfolio for BA Art History and Art Studio students. BA ART majors only. Undergraduates only CR/NC only. To be taken during the semester prior to expected graduation.

ART 410 BFA Capstone Seminar (3) In conjunction with the production of art for the BFA annual exhibition, this seminar will examine, critique, and evaluate the student's art within the context of contemporary art, professional practices, exhibition theory and integrate theoretical and practical issues in the life of an artist. BFA majors only. A-F only. Pre: BFA major or consent. (Spring)

ART 481 Museum Interpretations (3) Studies the interpretive strategies and methods used by museums to communicate with visitors in museums, art galleries, historic sites, parks, and related places. Considers how interpretations contribute to cultural knowledge. Repeatable one time. Pre: consent. (Cross-listed as AMST 457). DH