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Crossings 2003: Korea/Hawai`i is an international arts event that commemorates the 100th anniversary of Korean immigration to the United States. It features the work of more than 50 contemporary Korean artists at numerous sites in Honolulu and on Maui in the fall of 2003. Many of the artists are recognized as international leaders in the field of contemporary art.

Crossings 2003 is organized by Honolulu's major art museums: The Contemporary Museum, Honolulu Academy of Arts, the University of Hawai'i Art Gallery, and the East-West Center Gallery, but also involves many of Hawaii's other museums and exhibit venues. In total, at least eight institutions will participate in the project.

Crossings 2003: Korea/Hawai'i carries on a tradition of exchange between Hawai‘i and foreign countries that first began in 1986 with Crossings ’86: Japan/Hawai'i and continued with Crossings ’97: France/Hawai'i. These exhibitions emphasize Hawaii’s ancient and profound connections with other countries throughout the world. Hawaii’s ties to indigenous communities throughout the Pacific Basin are thousands of years old, while its international links date back more than 200 years to the first European explorations of the Pacific Ocean. Since the arrival of Korean immigrants 100 years ago, Hawai‘i has maintained a connection to Korea.

University of Hawai'i Art Gallery Director Tom Klobe, who served as project coordinator of Crossings '97: France/Hawai`i, is coordinator of Crossings 2003: Korea/Hawai`i. Independent curator Kim Heh-Kyong is serving as overall coordinator in Korea. Kim Hong-Hee, director of Ssamzie Space is assisting James Jensen at The Contemporary Museum. Jennifer Saville, curator of Western Art is developing the exhibition at the Honolulu Academy of Arts.

Korean artists will be featured in public lectures, workshops, and discussions at the University, in the Academy Theater, and within the community. Dates and times of lectures will be posted on the website as they are confirmed.

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