Nuevos y Divertidos Versos
de un Valiente del Bajío a Sus Valedores

New and Entertaining Verses about a Brave Man from the Heartland to His Friends

Broadside, etching on pink paper, continued verso, 1902
12" x 8"
Signed: Posada

In contrast to their Spanish counterparts the Mexican "valientes" are truly free agents. Their actions neither support nor oppose any political reality or social order other than that of "machismo." The "valiente" from Bajío announces himself with a braggart's flourish: "I am here because I already came, because I want to and that's all. I want to see if there is anyone here to equal me." He boasts that he can dominate the billiard-playing urbanites at their own game -- he will use his machete as a cue stick. He will out-drink any of them, downing "a quart of tequila and 12 glasses of beer."