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In addition to broadsides or handbills, the poor of Posada's Mexico purchased an almost endless series of songbooks, games, collections of tricks and riddles, and children's stories. All were bought for a few "centavos." Posada knew the customs and traditions of his people and, through his illustrations, gave back to the Mexicans that which he gathered from the people themselves.

He illustrated the covers of many books of love songs and collections of love letters that served as models for lovers in search of the right words to send to their sweethearts. His drawings captured the languishing glances of bashful damsels and the advances of dashing, moustachioed suitors surrounded by cupids, bleeding hearts, and bunches of flowers.

Engravings and etchings adorn the covers of booklets of children's plays, riddles, and stories. Miniature drawings in the squares of game boards portray popular traditions and the entertainment of the people of Mexico.

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