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Crimes were of great interest to the lower classes of Posada's Mexico. Broadsides of the most sensational, unusual, and brutal crimes sold especially well, and in fact, comprised more than half of the work produced by Vanegas Arroyo. The escapades of rural bandits were so popular that even years after their deaths, copies of their stories continued to be issued. Atrocities committed by women held an irresistible attraction among the Mexican population, and the number of broadsides of these crimes disproportionately outnumbered their incidences.

While Posada's illustrations produced profound impressions, the text upheld Roman Catholic teachings with its emphasis on human failings and the moral of the story. Often, a verse expressed the repentance of the perpetrator. Executions were calculated not only to punish the guilty, but to serve as lessons to the public. Retribution, however, by an act of God or nature, was considered the most fitting conclusion to any crime.


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