Muy Interesante Noticia

Very Interesting Notice

Broadside, engraving, continued verso
12" x 8"

Antonio Sánchez was a gambler. One day, in urgent need of a great sum of money, he returned home to get the deed to the house of his elderly parents. Upon hearing of the loss of their home, his parents refused to hand over the deed. Their refusal sent Antonio into an uncontrollable rage. He grabbed a hatchet and with a single blow, split open his father's head, and then butchered his wife and mother. In a final act of madness, he dismembered his only son. The police were quickly alerted and when they arrived, they discovered Antonio calmly devouring his son. He was arrested and sentenced to death by firing squad. After the execution, his body was hung in the town square as a warning to others. According to the text, while the execution satisfied earthly justice, "divine punishment was still lacking." Thus, three hours later a violent storm arose that destroyed the body and washed it away.