Espantosísimo y Terrible Acontecimiento

Very Frightening and Terrible Event

Broadside, engraving, continued verso
12" x 8"

Bardomiano Urrizalde, a dishonest money lender, was known in his province as a man without morals and given to vices. He used his power and inherited wealth to exploit people and extort money from the poor. When misfortune befell him he lacked the strength and ability to prevail. Impoverished and shunned by people he drank a brew of boiled match heads and committed suicide. The rich man is haunted by demons that represent the seven deadly sins -- envy, greed, gluttony, pride, lust, anger, and laziness. Unlike traditional scenes of saints who endure their demonic temptations with spiritual serenity, this image displays the terror of a man who lacks inner virtue.