La Vida de un Bandolero
Los Crímenes Mas Notables de Jesús Negrete

The Life of a Bandit
The Most Notable Crimes of Jesús Negrete

Broadside, etching, continued verso
12" x 8"
Signed: Posada

In a spree of robberies from 1900 to 1904, Jesús Negrete, "The Tiger of Santa Julia," killed at least six persons and wounded many others. His notorious career turned him into a hero of the poor neighborhoods of Mexico City because his crimes had an element of contempt for the rich. Vanegas Arroyo's print shop capitalized on the public's curiosity for Negrete with the production of a series of broadsides that featured the bandit. Written at the time of Negrete's capture, the poem extols his infamous life and crimes, but also praises the police inspector who apprehended him.