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The Reformer’s Brush:
Modernity and Traditional Media in China

February 27 - April 8, 2011

Introduction / Section 1 / Section 2 / Section 3 / Section 4 / Section 5 / Epilogue

Education, Culture, and the Arts


The modernization of China’s educational system was conducted by men of more eclectic backgrounds than the Qing scholar-officials. Some were classically educated, but others had studied at modern universities in Japan and Europe. They were thus more likely to allow the ideals of modernization to directly inform their painting and calligraphy. In addition, they also argued for the importance of art education in a reformed curriculum. Many artistic innovations of the time originated with painters who were also teachers in some of the first schools in China to incorporate art into a general course of study.

above left:
Yu Youren

below, left to right:
Qi Baishi, "Lichees and Green Pepper"
Pan Tianshou, "Cormorant"
Tang Yun, fan painting; Lai Chusheng, calligraphy
Chen Hengke, couplet