Converging Epistemologies: Science and the Humanities in Dialogue

Converging Epistemologies will bring together scholars from different fields to discuss the pressing
issues of today. We will be holding three public dialogues at UH Mānoa in February and March on
three topics: Life in the Anthropocene, Borders and Boundaries, and Posthumanism and
Transhumanism. The events are free, open to the public, and will include light refreshments.

Each event will be a 1-hour moderated dialogue between a panel of 3–4 scholars, during which we
will engage with questions related to the topic, drawn up by the organizers beforehand. We will also
incorporate questions from the public through the blog on our website, as well as during the open
question time at the end of each event. These events will be lively, entertaining, and informative.

Among our excellent panelists, our events will include speakers such as Dr. Kim Binsted, principal
investigator of the Nasa-funded HI-SEAS project, which conducts long-term space exploration
simulations on the Big Island; Dr. Veronica Bindi, who was part of the team that constructed the
Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, now on the International Space Station; Dr. Kamanamaikalani
Beamer, whose work brings together native Hawaiian knowledge and expertise in Law; and Dr.
Jaimey H. Faris, whose current project, Liquid Archives, explores the ocean as a 3.8 billion-year old
medium now keeping track of our global economy.

Event Dates and Topics:
Life in the Anthropocene: February 23, 6:30pm–8pm. Korean Studies Building, UH Mānoa.

Borders and Boundaries: March 8, 6:30pm–8pm. Location pending.

Posthumanism and Transhumanism: March 16, 6:30pm–8pm. Location pending.

For more information please see our website:
If you have any questions, please email me at

Britton Brooks BA, MA, MSt, DPhil
English Lecturer and Director of C.E.
University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa