Invitation to Town Hall/General Assembly on Liberal Arts & General Education at UHM

The Arts & Sciences Faculty Senate Executive Committee (ASFSEC) asks you to attend a town hall/general assembly —

Date, time: 2/22; 3 pm
Location: Kuykendall Auditorium

The Arts & Sciences faculties are central in providing general education at Manoa. Beyond GenEd, in terms of undergraduate education, our professional training and pedagogical experience in program and curricula design go into 55% of the total SSH at Manoa; our faculty make up 48% of faculty at UHM.

This ASFS forum calls on faculty to provide insights and suggestions on general education at Manoa, the first year experience, the Manoa experience. What’s working? What’s not working? Why? Improvements?

How do we increase and/or maintain and/or intensify Liberal Arts undergraduate education at Manoa? Breadth & Depth Requirements? 

How might the new Course Evaluation System assist or hinder A&S faculty in the classroom?


More details will be forthcoming about the forum and the push to review GenEd.