Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar

Lydia Liu

Lydia H. Liu, theorist of media and translation, professor of comparative literature, and bilingual writer in Chinese and English is the Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar for 2017. All are invited to attend her free lecture, “Who Owns Great Ideas?” on Thursday, Nov. 2, 4:00pm, at the Art Auditorium.

“The struggle over moral ideas has been an essential part of international politics in the modern world but, unfortunately, this process remains poorly understood. Are there universally shared moral sentiments across civilizations? Is cultural relativism trustworthy? What does cultural relativism include or exclude? Take the notion of ‘human rights.’ Is this a Western idea? In my lecture, I will open up some of these issues by revisiting the UN archives relating to the drafting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) in the immediate postwar years. I conclude by reflecting on the future of moral ideas in the increasingly multipolar world of the 21st century.”

Founded in 1776, the Phi Beta Kappa Society is the nation’s most prestigious academic honor society. Its mission is to champion education in the liberal arts and sciences, to recognize academic excellence, and to foster freedom of thought and expression.

Co-sponsored by the Honors Program, English, and East Asian Languages and Literatures