Student Films at Hawaii International Film Festival

From "Tlamictihquetl" (The Hunter)

9 students from the Academy of Creative Media will premiere works at the Hawaii International Film Festival during “ACM Night” on October 18, 2012. American Studies graduate student Billie Lee will premiere her documentary on October 14 and October 16.¬†Click on each link below for a synopsis, show times, and ticket information.

Two Ugly Birds, directed by Allison Le

Kae, directed by Lana Dang

Ka Pua (The Flower), directed by Erin Lau

Mindset, directed by Reynolds Barney

Fine Kine Dining, directed by Richard Dang

Ion Ninjas, directed by Alexander Bocchieri

Shanghai Market, episodes directed by Erin Lau, Kristin Kouke and Cheng Yi Shi

Emily at 2:30, directed Kristin Kouke

Tlamictihquetl (The Hunter), directed by Zimran Lucero

Moving Home: The Legacy of Halla Pai Huhm, directed by Billie Lee