Gagaku Moonviewing Concert

Hawaii Gagaku Kenkyukai
Rev. Masatoshi Shamoto, director
Friday, September 28, 2012
7:30 p.m., Barbara Smith Amphitheater
free admission

Gagaku is the oldest existing orchestral music in the world, with roots reaching back to the 7th century Japanese Imperial Court.

The director of the ensemble, Rev. Masatoshi Shamoto, began teaching gagaku at the UH Music Department in 1962, and in 1968 established Hawaii Gagaku Kenkyukai (Hawaii Gagaku Society), a community-based group that meets weekly on campus to study and practice gagaku.

In addition to performing ceremonies at shrines and temples in the community, the group has hosted joint concerts with visiting gagaku musicians from Japan, and performs “moon viewing” concerts around the time of the full moon.