UH Wins at Po‘okela Awards

UH Manoa received 17 awards at the Hawaii State Theatre Council’s 2017 Po‘okela Awards ceremony on Monday, August 7, at the Ko‘olau Golf Club in Kaneohe. A list of awardees is below.


(CHM = Chaminade University; DHT = Diamond Head Theatre; HSF = Hawaii Shakespeare Festival; KKT = Kumu Kahua Theatre; LWT = Leeward Community College; MVT = Manoa Valley Theatre; PKU = Paliku Theatre; PLB = The PlayBuilders of Hawai‘i Theater Company; TAG = The Actors’ Group; UHM = University of Hawaii-Manoa)

Overall Play

>> “Antigone” (UHM)

>> “Black F——t” (KKT)

>> “The Fox on the Fairway” (DHT)

>> “Yellowman” (TAG)

>> “Disgraced” (TAG)

>> “Smile, You’re Under Surveillance” (UHM)

Overall Musical

>> “Into the Woods” (CHM)

>> “A Christmas Carol: The Musical” (DHT)

>> “Rock of Ages” (MVT)

>> “1776: The Musical” (PKU)

>> “All Shook Up” (DHT)

Leading Male in a Play

>> Troy Apostol, “Disgraced” (TAG)

>> Curtis Duncan, “Yellowman” (TAG)

>> Donovan Oakleaf, “Antigone” (UHM)

>> Peter Togawa, “The Velocity of Autumn” (TAG)

>> Paul T. Mitri, “The Elephant Man” (MVT)

Leading Female in a Play

>> Anna Hamaguchi, “Antigone” (UHM)

>> Lauren Murata, “Wait Until Dark” (MVT)

>> Wendy Pearson, “Yellowman” (TAG)

>> Cindy Ramirez, “Water by the Spoonful” (TAG)

>> Jo Pruden, “The Velocity of Autumn” (TAG)

Featured Male in a Play

>> Noah Faumuina, “Disgraced” (TAG)

>> Donovan Oakleaf, “Twelfth Night” (UHM)

>> Thomas Smith, “Water by the Spoonful” (TAG)

>> Dylan Lee, “Antigone” (UHM)

>> James C. Roberts, “Water by the Spoonful” (TAG)

Featured Female in a Play

>> Malia Wessel, “Twelfth Night” (UHM)

>> Ann Brandman, “Coyotes” (TAG)

>> Jodie Kiyokawa, “Wait Until Dark” (MVT)

>> Christine Umipeg-Apilado, “Water by the Spoonful” (TAG)

>> Emily Hoadley, “Twelfth Night” (UHM)

Leading Male in a Musical

>> Drew Niles, “Evita” (DHT)

>> Miles Phillips, “A Christmas Carol: The Musical” (DHT)

>> Gary E. Morris, “1776: The Musical” (PKU)

>> Jeremy Hurr, “The Little Mermaid” (DHT)

Leading Female in a Musical

>> Callie Doan, “It Shoulda Been You” (MVT)

>> Kate Sarff, “1776: The Musical” (PKU)

>> Megan Boggs, “The Little Mermaid” (DHT)

>> Shari Lynn, “It Shoulda Been You” (MVT)

Featured Male in a Musical

>> Christopher Obenchain, “A Christmas Carol: The Musical” (DHT)

>> Mathais Maas, “The Little Mermaid” (DHT)

>> Matthew Peterson, “All Shook Up” (DHT)

>> Kyle McNamara, “All Shook Up” (DHT)

>> LeGrand Lawrence, “Billy Elliot” (DHT)

>> Laurence Paxton, “1776: The Musical” (PKU)

Featured Female in a Musical

>> Suzanne Green, “It Shoulda Been You” (MVT)

>> Megan Boggs, “All Shook Up” (DHT)

>> Natalie Borsky, “Evita” (DHT)

>> Aiko Schick, “All Shook Up” (DHT)

>> Buffy Lelea‘e Kahalepuna-Wong, “Happily Eva Afta” (MVT)

>> Blythe Kelsey, “The Little Mermaid” (DHT)

Overall Non-Traditional Production

>> “Power & Folly” (UHM)

>> “Dragonfly” (PLB)

Ensemble Performance in a Play

>> “Black F——t” (KKT)

>> “iHula” (KKT)

>> “Shoot/Get Treasure/Repeat” (LWT)

>> “Smile, You’re Under Surveillance!” (UHM)

>> “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (HSF)

Ensemble Performance in a Musical

>> “Into the Woods” (CHM)

Ensemble Performance in a Non-Traditional Production

>> “Power & Folly” (UHM)

>> “Dragonfly” (PLB)

Director of a Play

>> Mark Branner, “Antigone” (UHM)

>> Derrick Brown, “Yellowman” (TAG)

>> Taurie Kinoshita, “Black F——t” (KKT)

>> Alex Munro and Paul T. Mitri, “The Elephant Man” (MVT)

>> Ron Heller, “Disgraced” (TAG)

Director of a Musical

>> Gary E. Morris, “Into the Woods” (CHM)

>> Hannah Schauer Galli, “Rock of Ages” (MVT)

>> Miles Phillips, “1776: The Musical” (PKU)

>> Malindi Fickle, “All Shook Up” (DHT)

Director of a Non-Traditional Production

>> Julie Iezzi, “Power & Folly” (UHM)

>> William Hao, “Dragonfly” (PLB)

Musical Director

>> Matthew Tadashi Mazzella, “Happily Eva Afta” (MVT)

>> Keith Griffin, “Rock of Ages” (MVT)

>> Kip Welborn, “It Shoulda Been You” (MVT)

>> Ike Webster, “All Shook Up” (DHT)

Movement/Dance Choreographer

>> John Rampage and Caryn Yee, “Billy Elliot” (DHT)

>> Katherine L. Jones, “Rock of Ages’” (MVT)

>> John Rampage, “Evita” (DHT)

>> Christine Yasunaga, “All Shook Up” (DHT)

Costume Design

>> Rose Wolfe, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (HSF)

>> Karen G. Wolfe, “A Christmas Carol: The Musical” (DHT)

>> Ann Foster, “1776: The Musical” (PKU)

>> James Corry, “Happily Eva Afta” (MVT)

Sound Design & Engineering

>> Barett Hoover, “UchinaAloha” (KKT)

>> Chad McComas, “Wait Until Dark” (MVT)

>> Cameron Olson, “All Shook Up” (DHT)

>> Daniel Yoo, “Into the Woods” (CHM)

Set Design

>> BullDog, “UchinaAloha” (KKT)

>> Michelle Bisbee, “Into the Woods” (CHM)

Lighting Design

>> Brian Shevelenko, “Twelfth Night” (UHM)

>> Cora Yamagata, “The Witch of Edmonton” (HSF)

>> Christine Sutrov, “Into the Woods” (CHM)

Hair, Make-Up and Wig Design

>> Michelle Umipeg, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (HSF)

>> Lisa Ponce De Leon, “Rock of Ages” (MVT)

>> Lisa Ponce De Leon, “1776: The Musical” (PKU)

>> Grace Capellas, “Into the Woods” (CHM)

Hawaii Resident Playwright’s Original Work

>> Cast of “Smile, You’re Under Surveillance” (UHM)

>> Eric Anderson, “Coyotes” (TAG)

>> Ryan Okinaka, “iHula” (KKT)

>> Lee A. Tonouchi, “UchinaAloha” (KKT)

>> Kiana Rivera, Courtney Takabayashi and Kirstyn Trombetta, “Plantation Plays” (LWT)

>> Terri Madden, Apu Tufano, Lala Kilolu and Michelle Martin, “Dragonfly” (PLB)

Guest Artist (Non-Resident)

>> Andrew Sakaguchi (director/choreographer), “The Little Mermaid” (DHT)

>> Akira and Doji Shigeyama (Kyogen master teachers), “Power & Folly” (UHM)

Adjudicators’ Special Awards

>> Patrick Oiya (original live performance), “Antigone” (UHM)

>> Rosyln Catracchia (music and lyrics), “Happily Eva Afta” (MVT)

>> David James Bachler (dance performance), “Billy Elliot” (DHT)