ACM’s Animation Program Named in Top 20

Animation Career Review names the Academy of Creative Media’s Animation program as #16 in the top 20 schools in the Western U.S. region.

“The University of Hawaii at Manoa is one of only a few major research universities in the Western U.S. that boasts a Bachelor of Arts in Animation from its Academy for Creative Media Department.

With an emphasis on narrative within the context of a diverse fabric of Pacific Rim cultural values, U of H animation students take courses on drawing, 3D scene design, rendering, visual effects, narrative production, oral tradition and more to form a unique aesthetic all their own. A strong connection to local and Pacific film studios enables many graduates to pursue internships, study abroad programs, scholarship opportunities and job placement following graduation. And perhaps in part thanks to its world renowned location, the school has accrued top-talent teachers who have spent decades working in the industry.”

For the complete review, please see the Animation Career Review website.