Aloha, Dr. Hye-ryeon Lee

Dr. Hye-ryeon Lee was hired as Interim Associate Dean for the College of Arts and Humanities on September 1, 2009, and has decided to return to her faculty position effective January 1, 2013. Under Dr. Lee’s leadership, the College has made tremendous progress in various areas including assessment, enrollment, and curriculum process. In addition, Dr. Lee streamlined the curriculum review process for A&H, and also contributed significantly toward improving the review process for the Colleges of Arts and Sciences. Working with A&H Interim Dean Thomas Bingham, Dr. Lee instituted activities to make the college more cohesive and to establish shared norms that value and reward excellence. For example, Dr. Lee created and implemented three (3) new A&H awards to recognize faculty teaching and research excellence, and two (2) new awards to support graduate student research and scholarship. Dr. Lee has earned a solid reputation as one of the most capable and effective associate deans at the university.

Dr. Lee is a communication scholar with expertise in health communication and health policy. When she came to the University, Dr. Lee chose to accept an instructional faculty position within the Communicology Department instead of a research faculty position offered to her by the UH Cancer Center; however, she remains an active faculty member of the Cancer Center as an adjunct, and continues to bring in grants. Since her arrival at the University Dr. Lee has generated $877,000 as a Principal Investigator, and contributed to generating additional $3,828,000 as a Co-Investigator.

In addition to being a grant active scholar, Dr. Lee is recognized nationally for her expertise as evidenced by invitations to serve on many national advisory committees (e.g. convened by National Cancer Institute, Food and Drug Administration, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and American Legacy Foundation), and to serve as consultants for various projects in other states (e.g. Arizona, California, Connecticut). She is also active in many national and international professional organizations including International Communication Association (lCA), Korean American Communication Association (KACA), American Public Health Association (APHA), International Environmental Communication Association (IECA), and Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC). In recognition of her expertise in tobacco prevention and control, Dr. Lee was recently nominated by Governor Neil Abercrombie to serve on the Advisory Board for the Hawaii Tobacco Use Prevention and Control Trust Fund.

Dr. Lee will be returning to the Department of Communicology after an 11-month professional improvement leave, resuming her work as a teacher and researcher. She will also continue to serve as a faculty member at the Cancer Center, Center for Korean Studies, Global Health and Population Studies Program, and as a cooperating faculty for the Public Health Studies program at JABSOM.