Mahalo for A Successful Spring

Arts and Humanities Colleagues.  I want to wish you, first and foremost, a happy summer offer my congratulations for a successful end to the academic year. I also want to thank you—staff, students, and faculty—for the support you extended to me in my first year as dean of the college.  It took the experience of plunging into work and collaborations with you to fully realize the array of talent in the arenas of teaching, performance and research we have in this college.   The college is not only the heart of the university’s liberal arts but as well the hub of an arts and humanities network across our many communities, with spokes bridging out to the wider world.

The normal state of affairs for our college is untiringly dynamic, with faculty mentoring students, conducting research, crafting new artistic endeavors and works.   This year, we hired eight new faculty, launched two new initiatives—the opening of the  Uehiro Academy  for Philosophy and Ethics in Education and the transfer of the John Young Museum from Outreach College to Arts and Humanities–and celebrated the completion of the new Dance building.

Faculty were awarded prestigious grants and honors from the Mellon Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, among others, and participated in a breathtaking number of national and international conferences, workshops, and performances. Our Music, Art and Art History, Theatre/Dance and ACM departments thrilled us with their creative output while our History, American Studies, Communicology, Philosophy and Religion departments achieved another year of excellence in teaching and research.