Theatre Professor Publishes Anthology of Jingju

In June, the Jiangsu Province Department of Culture gave UH Press $28,728 from the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China to underwrite the cost of publishing Elizabeth Wichmann-Walczak’s anthology of Jingju (Beijing/Peking “opera”) plays in English translation.  Each of these plays was translated by Wichmann-Walczak for one of UHM’s Jingju Resident Training Programs, which are held every four years and culminate in full-scale, authentically-staged public performances of a major Jingju play presented in English.  The translations have therefore been tested and refined in rehearsal and performance here at UHM.  According to the contract, Wichmann-Walczak will be submitting the completed manuscript for the anthology, with introductory essays and full stage directions, to UH Press in January 2015.

Wichmann-Walczak received her PhD in Asian Theatre from UHM. Major awards: China’s National Xiqu Music Association’s Kong Sanchuan Award for excellence in research, creation, and performance; China’s National Festival of Jingju’s Golden Chrysanthemum Award for outstanding achievements in promoting and developing jingju. Most recent English-language publications: “Re-acting an Actor’s Reaction to the Occupation: the Beijing Jingju Company’s Mei Lanfang,” in China, Japan, and the Dynamics of Transculturation; and “Actors and Role Types, Sex and Gender, and Creative Interpretation in Jingju,” in On Stage: The Art of Beijing Opera. Wichmann-Walczak serves as Director of Asian Theatre and regularly produces jingju training residencies at UHM, collaborating with leading artists from China and translating and directing the culminating productions, most recently The White Snake and Women Generals of the Yang Family.

Photos on this page and the front page banner from jingju performances at UH Manoa.