College of Arts & Humanities Introduces the Undergraduate Certificate in Islamic Studies

In response to a growing interest in Islam and the Middle East, the University of Hawai‘i 
M&#257noa departments of Art and Art History, History, Philosophy, and Religion have created a program to promote the study and understanding of Islamic religion and culture.

The certificate curriculum requires 15 credits of classes and a research project. Faculty who teach in the program are associate professor of philosophy Tamara Albertini, assistant professor of history Ned Bertz, professor of history Elton L Daniel, assistant professor of religion James Frankel, and assistant professor of South and Southeast Asian art history, Paul Lavy.

The certificate program is also open to non-UH students who may register through the Outreach College. Plans are to extend offerings to businesses, the military, and other sources that operate in Muslim areas. For more information, please contact Dr. James Frankel,