Philosophy Colloquium by Yujin Itabashi, PhD

Grounded on Nothing: Radical Criticism in Nishida’s Philosophy

Presented by Yujin Itabashi, PhD, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Rissho University, Japan.

Nishida in transition – this talk focuses on Nishida’s middle-period philosophy as is grows out of his early theory of pure experience. The famous concept of “place” (basho) emerges, not only out of Nishida’s dialogue with non-Western philosophy including Buddhism, but through a radical criticism of presumptions commonly made in theories of experience. We shall trace out this development while highlighting the philosophical significance of the concept of “place.”

Friday, October 26, 2012

2:30 PM

Sakamaki Hall C-308

Dr. Itabashi received his doctorate from Sophia University in 2000. He has published two books on Nishida’s philosophy with Hosei University Press (2004 and 2008), and has also co-authored a book on Schopenhauer published by the same press (2007).

Everyone is welcome to attend.

For disability access information, please call 956-8649.