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Theses and Dissertations

Note: UH Theses and dissertations for all subjects are housed in the Hawaiian Collection. Full-text for works submitted from 1997 to current are available via Digital Dissertations.

Digital Dissertations (UH Manoa IP addresses only)
Remote Access Connection From Non-Manoa IP Address Login with UHM I.D./Library card barcode number Required

ProQuest Digital Dissertations database includes bibliographic citations for the doctoral and masters work of authors from over 1,000 graduate schools and universities dating back to 1861. Citations for dissertations from 1980 forward include abstracts, and from 1997 on full-text is available for over 100,000 titles deposited with UMI.

Tip - For UH Manoa theses:

  • select School (SC) in the drop down menu and type hawaii or use our code, 0085.
  • select Subject (SU) in another drop down menu and type keywords (example, japan).

Current Research @ UH (UH Manoa IP addresses only)

UH dissertations and theses submitted to University Microfilms (now Bell & Howell). Search citations and abstracts (by keywords, author, or advisor) of dissertations published in UMI's Dissertation Abstracts database.




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