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Islam in Southeast Asia

Welcome to the Islam in Southeast Asia database.

This database is based on the Bibliography of Islam in Southeast Asia compiled by Rohayati Paseng, the Southeast Asia specialist in the Asia Collection, and Manoj Potapohn, a graduate student assistant from Thailand. It consists of English language articles on Islam in Southeast Asia published in journals and edited monographs. This database extends the functionality of the bibliography by providing access to articles through boolean keyword searching, links to the library's online catalog records of the journals and books from which the articles were drawn, and links to related online resources, including when available, the full text of the articles.

We are currently inputting the content of the Bibliography into the database. After the content of the Bibliography has been entered into the database, we will begin to add new content from journals and edited monographs published after the bibliography was completed. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

To begin searching choose either the "Browse and Keyword Search" or "Guided Keyword Search" link above. As of September 2007, the database contains approximately 500 records.