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Searching Tips:
Title Search Enter the first few words of a title. All titles beginning with these words will be displayed.
e.g., islam in will retrieve Islam in South-East Asia and Islam in foreign policy

Omit articles (such as: a, an, the, etc.) when they are the first word of a title.
e.g., Enter introduction of islam into champa instead of the introduction of islam into champa

Author Search Enter the surname first, followed by the given name. Note that in some countries the standard order of names is surname followed by given name (notably Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos).

Enter Wahid Abdurrahman (Indonesian name normally written: Abdurrahman Wahid)
Enter Abdul Hadi W M (Malaysian name normally written: Abdul Hadi W.M.)

Do not use punctuation (commas, periods, apostrophes)
Put spaces between initials.

You do not need to enter the full name. Enter just enough of the name to make your search result a manageable size:
Example: hook retrieves Hooker, M.B. and Hookway, James

Keyword Search Combine search terms with Boolean operators and, or. The "not" operator is not implemented in this database.

Use quotes to search phrases: "darul islam"

Do not use punctuation.

Use * (asterisk) with partial words to find variant endings: islam* finds islam, islamic, islamization, etc.

Use parentheses to group terms in complex searches: (islam* or muslim*) and (vietnam or cambodia)