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Bridge Gallery Exhibits

Treasures of Okinawa
September - October

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MoeIt has been nearly forty years since Dr. Shunzo Sakamaki, Dean of the UH Summer Session and distinguished Professor of the History Department, purchased the Frank Hawley Ryukyu/Okinawa resources with strong backing from the local Okinawa community in Hawai‘i. The Hawley Collection is regarded as one of the rarest and the largest known collection of Ryukyu/Okinawa materials that have remained intact. These ancient manuscripts, maps, scrolls, and prints have attracted, and continue to attract, many researchers and scholars from around the world. To celebrate the first Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival in Hawai'i, the University of Hawai'i at Ma-noa Library has offered the first exhibit of selected materials from the Hawley Collection at the Hamilton Bridge Gallery: "Treasures of Okinawa: the Frank Hawley Collection."

The September exhibit in the Hamilton Library's Bridge Galley is curated by Tokiko Bazzell, the Japan Specialist Librarian at the UH- Manao Library.

Frank Hawley Page from Gozen Honzo
Drawings of Okinawan Manners and Customs illustrated by Shozan, Sahiretsu Drawings of Okinawan Manners and Customs illustrated by Shozan, Sahiretsu

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